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Get essential financial guidance in those areas that are most important to you

Asset Allocation

Many investors have assets in company retirement plans, as well as at LPL Financial. We can provide you with a comprehensive view of your asset allocations to help you better plan your long-term goals.

Business Planning

Receive professional advice on a variety of topics, including succession planning, entity planning, retirement plan evaluation and cash management. We can provide valuable advice for navigating these areas.

Education Planning

There are a variety of savings vehicles specifically tailored for education that can help you work toward your funding goals, including 529 plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. By starting a disciplined savings plan now, you will be in a position to address your child’s education needs in the future.

Estate Planning

We can help beneficiaries set up estate accounts, determine date of death values and handle asset transfers on behalf of beneficiaries. When your family is meeting the challenges that accompany the loss of a loved one, our goal is to relieve your stress by assisting with your family’s financial matters.

Debt Management

For many individuals, debt management has often been overlooked. If debt management is of concern to you, let us help ensure that you are properly managing the liability side of your balance sheet.

Goal Planning

Addressing specific concerns in a focused manner can clear the path for greater progress. We can help you implement a strategy for one or two core goals and track your progress, making necessary adjustments as needed.

Cost Basis Tracking

Investors often find that they have incomplete cost basis records of the assets they own due to long- term buy and hold strategies, generational stock transfers, mergers, acquisitions or stock splits. As a result, arriving at an accurate cost can be difficult. We have access to a securities pricing database that can be used to track down historical prices of many individual securities on any given day throughout the past decades.

Purchase Analysis

If you are contemplating making a major purchase for personal or investment reasons, we can help you analyze the details of the transaction and how the transaction may impact your long-term goals, based on various price and value change scenarios.

Start An Hourly Consulting Program Today

Addressing all of your financial goals and objectives at once may seem intimidating or make them seem unattainable. Hourly consulting services from an LPL Financial advisor can help you stay on track with a disciplined approach to your goals, as well as help you keep pace with changes in your personal circumstances and legislation that may affect your financial situation. Contact your financial advisor to get started and to design a program tailored for your unique situation and needs.

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